While you should hopefully be visiting your Libertyville, IL dentist every six months for the sake of your oral health, those regular appointments may have a positive effect on other aspects of your health. According to a recent study, going to the dentist and maintaining good oral hygiene may actually help prevent pneumonia.

The connection between oral and respiratory health most likely has to do with the bacteria that is always in our mouths. While some of this bacteria is beneficial, much of it can infect the lungs and develop pneumonia if it is aspirated. It is impossible to remove all of the bacteria from a person’s mouth, but regular visits to your Libertyville, IL dentist as well as proper brushing and flossing every day could remove enough of this bacteria to prevent some cases of pneumonia.

If nothing else, this connection goes to show how important it is to visit your dentist regularly. If you are due for a cleaning and check-up, contact Dr. Ala Dean Attar at Attar Dental to schedule an appointment today.

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