There can be any number of reasons for the roof of the mouth to hurt when drinking hot liquids. The good thing is that the palate heals rather quickly, so there’s not usually anything to worry about. However, if you have pain in the roof of the mouth that lasts for more than 10 days, you should schedule an exam with Dr. Attar to rule out serious conditions like oral cancer.

Reasons the Roof of the Mouth Hurts When Eating or Drinking

If you have pain in the roof of the mouth when drinking hot liquids or eating hot foods, there are a lot of common causes you can rule out. If you visit with your Libertyville dentist, these are some of the first things Dr. Attar will ask you about.


  1.  Trauma, Burns, or Injuries – In most cases, some type of injury is the cause of pain in the roof of the mouth. Foods that are very hot like coffee or pizza can cause a burn on your palate. Foods that are pointy like a tortilla chip can cause a small injury or scratch in the roof of your mouth. Time will heal these types of burns and injuries. You may want to eat softer foods while it heals to prevent further injury.
  2.  Vaping or Smoking – Inhaling substances that have high temperatures can cause physical change on the oral tissues that line the mouth’s roof. Usually, the damage is noticeable further back because of where the steam or smoke first comes into contact with tissue when you inhale. To encourage your mouth to heal, you will need to stop smoking or vaping.
  3.  Oral Thrush – Oral thrush is a type of yeast infection more commonly seen in the elderly, infants, or individuals who are immunocompromised. It affects the tissues in the mouth, including your palate. It may cause bad breath and a red or white-like rash inside the mouth.
  4.  Denture Stomatitis – Wearing full or partial dentures can often cause pain in the roof of the mouth when swallowing. You may notice a red, burning sensation in the roof of the mouth. It’s most noticeable when dentures are removed, and your palate comes into contact with a toothbrush or your tongue. It is caused by a buildup of bacteria under the dentures. Sleeping with your dentures can cause yeast and bacterial infections that lead to pain in the roof of the mouth. You may need to see your Libertyville dentist for medication to help clear up the infection.


When to Contact a Libertyville Dentist 

There are many reasons the roof of your mouth hurts when drinking hot liquids or eating. Most of the time, it’s linked to your diet, oral hygiene, an infection, or lifestyle habits. But sometimes, it is something more serious that your dentist needs to examine. Oral cancer, for example, is hard to diagnose by yourself. Many people have no clue they have oral cancer until it has progressed into an aggressive stage. If you have symptoms including a sore roof of your mouth for more than two weeks, schedule an exam with Dr. Attar to rule out more serious issues.


Contact Dr. Attar

If the roof of your mouth hurts, contact Dr. Attar to schedule a routine exam. He can do an oral cancer screening to make sure something serious isn’t going on. He can also prescribe medication that can help clear up an infection or make symptoms more bearable. Call us today to schedule your exam.

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