Have you noticed a cavity, or swelling in your gums? It can be tempting to wait until the problem escalates before seeking dental care. Most people think if it doesn’t hurt, there’s no reason to seek help. Routine visits to Attar Dental are necessary to ensure your mouth stays in good health. There are numerous reasons you shouldn’t delay dental care.

Dental Issues Can’t Fix Themselves

There are a few minor health issues that can correct themselves given time. Dental problems don’t just go away. Instead, they will get worse as time goes by. Depending on how advanced they have become, improving your brushing and flossing may not prevent them from getting worse. Avoiding dental care can be serious and allow the condition to become more aggressive and involved. Without fillings for cavities, medications for infections, and removing bacteria in the gums, these conditions will just continue to grow worse.

Even relying on homeopathic or DIY remedies for dental problems may just allow more time for infections to get worse. Minimally invasive and preventative therapies are effective early on, but if the conditions worsen, it will need more aggressive treatments. The best option is, of course, to keep regularly scheduled exams and to contact your  Libertyville, IL dental team at the first sign of trouble. But sometimes, there are no warning signs or symptoms.

Should I go to the dentist even if there’s no pain?

Pain can often be what turns your attention to a problem like an abscessed tooth, cavity or gum disease. No one enjoys a toothache, and most seek immediate treatment. But sometimes, the lack of pain doesn’t mean a problem doesn’t exist. In the most severe tooth decay or abscess, the affected nerves may become deadened, and there will be no pain. It’s essential that you seek dental care as soon as you sense something wrong. You should also set up an appointment if you notice swelling or see any bleeding from the gums. Don’t let the lack of pain prevent you from obtaining professional dental care. There are situations when there are no symptoms. There might not even be any pain, redness, or swelling to let you know something adverse is going on. This is why it’s important to keep routine exams, so the dentist can detect early signs of problems while they are treatable with less invasive options.

Delaying Dental Care and Treatment Can Cost More

Since dental problems get worse the more time goes by without treatment, options for restoring and treating them change too. For example, when a small cavity is found during a checkup, it can be filled quickly so it won’t spread. But if a small cavity is not causing you any issues, and you want to wait for it to start hurting before seeking treatment, it may require more intensive and invasive treatments. Waiting too long before getting it assessed again can mean it has spread to an adjacent tooth, begun to abscess, or spread into the nerve. Now what should have been a simple repair will need more extensive and expensive treatment. You may now be facing more than a filling. The tooth may need a root canal, a crown, or an extraction, and the adjacent tooth may become compromised and need to be filled. You may be looking at twice as much out of pocket expenses. Treating dental issues early on can save money, time, and your teeth.

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