Several months ago, the American Dental Association (ADA) issued statements concerning how often patients should visit their dentist. For the best possible outcomes from dental care, the ADA recommends regularly visiting on a schedule determined in consultation with your dentist.

Underscoring an article appearing in the Journal of Dental Research, the ADA believes it is necessary to remind the public that how often one visits their dentist is largely determined by the individual’s needs, and on the basis of current and past oral health.

The Journal explores the connection between tooth loss over time and regular dental visits in adults, as well as the effect smoking, genetic issues and diabetes plays. This Study shows that these individual risk factors are what determines how often cleanings are needed to prevent periodontal disease. Higher risk patients will likely need a higher frequency of cleanings than will lower risk patients. The evidence suggests that an oral health treatment plan is optimal when it is customized to the individual, and working with your dentist is the most reliable way to achieve this.

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