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Many people who have stained, discolored or dull teeth are finding whitening procedures are an effective way to restore their smile. When teeth become dull or discolored, it is often a result of the outer layer of enamel becoming stained due to tobacco or caffeine use or as a result of aging. Whitening procedures can help reverse this unpleasant occurrence.

What causes Teeth to become Stained?

Teeth become stained when food particles become attracted to the tooth’s enamel by way of a protein. Berries, soy sauce, tea and coffee represent food products that are known for staining teeth. Over the course of time, teeth become more permeable leading to discoloration from food and other substances. Brushing and flossing can minimize the discoloration effects.

What other actions can cause Staining of the Teeth?

Teeth WhiteningBesides eating certain foods and smoking, teeth can also become stained as a result of a traumatic injury. This type of discoloration often occurs inside the tooth, and brushing and flossing does nothing to remedy the situation.

Why NOT use Whitening Toothpaste?

Many people today are using tooth-whitening toothpaste with varying results. In some cases, whitening toothpaste is somewhat effective at lightening teeth. However, many of the toothpaste products are abrasive and can actually cause harm to the tooth enamel.

Why NOT use Whitening Agents?

Most whitening agents are effective at reversing certain types of stains. However, when teeth have become brownish or grayish, the stains are often impossible to remove using a bleaching agent alone. In addition, whitening agents are not very effective on badly discolored or pitted teeth or on coloring teeth with fillings, bondings, crowns or bridges.

Why obtain a Professional Whitening Procedure?

All the aforementioned elements are effective to some degree when attempting to whiten teeth. However, the most effective and safest way to successfully whiten teeth is a professional whitening procedure. A dentist can perform an in-office procedure that will be done properly and produce better results than any other whitening method.

No matter where you live if in Lake Forest, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Gurnee, Glenview or Great Lakes Naval Station, ascertaining a professional whitening procedure is the way to ensure a successful whitening experience.

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