There are many things that a pregnant woman has to do before her baby arrives. Women have to attend many doctor’s appointments, deal with cravings and prepare the nursery. You will also have to get your teeth cleaned while you are pregnant.

Pregnant women are more likely to develop tooth decay for many reasons. Women typically consume more carbohydrates while they are pregnant due to morning sickness. They also have a harder time brushing and flossing. Additionally, gum bleeding is more common during pregnancy.

If possible you should schedule an appointment before you get pregnant. Should you need any dental procedures done, try to do it before you conceive. A healthy mouth will decrease your risk of giving birth prematurely.

Dental treatments are not ideal for pregnant women during the first trimester. Non-emergency visits should be scheduled during the second trimester. You can schedule a dental appointment in the third trimester, but you should not schedule it during the late third trimester. This can increase your chances of delivering prematurely.

You have to be meticulous about your health during pregnancy. This includes your dental health. You should get your teeth cleaned as well as brush and floss regularly while you are pregnant.

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