Selecting the Right Oral Systemic Dentist

The American Academy for Oral Systemic health is a collection of dentists and allied health professionals dedicated to changing professional and public behaviors and addressing the importance of oral health as it relates to the body in general. You should feel comfortable that your dentist understands the importance of this “oral-systemic connection” and has the experience, interest and ability to properly diagnose and evaluate risk factors and health conditions related to the mouth and which affect the rest of the body.

You can learn more about your dentist and their philosophy and knowledge about these matters by asking them directly. You may also learn from their practice website and by asking their staff. There is also a wealth of general information about the oral-systemic connection available on websites like this one and from other organizations and institutions. Becoming educated about oral health is a good idea and it will allow you to ask better questions, especially as it relates to your individual needs and concerns.

Often the selection of a “good” dentist includes just feeling good about your experience with them. Will they or their staff take the time to give you necessary information? Did they provide you with a thorough evaluation and communicate its results to you in an effective manner? Does the dentist and staff take a keen interest in helping you be healthy and in giving you the right tools and resources to make you successful at home?

These and many more questions and considerations can help you determine who the right dentist is for you and your family. One word of caution is always in order, and that has to do with the economic considerations of oral health care. Some people choose their dentist on the basis of price alone. While price and fees for professional services is an important consideration it shouldn’t be the sole or determining factor. Taking short-cuts or choosing less than adequate care will only serve to short-change your health and create costly consequences down the road when it possibly becomes more than teeth that are involved.

*Many thanks to The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health for sharing this information

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