At Attar Dental, we want to help you make healthy choices that keep your teeth strong and healthy. That’s why we want you to know about a recent study that will probably come as a big surprise.

It turns out that “sugar-free” snacks and drinks aren’t as healthy as we thought. In fact, Dr. Ala Dean Attar wants you to know about a recent study that shows sugar-free soft drinks, sport drinks and sweets are as harmful to your teeth as those with sugar.

Both Sugar-Free and With Sugar Damage Enamel

The study was done by the Oral Health Cooperative Research Center at the University of Melbourne. Using extracted human molars, the researchers tested candies, sports drinks and soft drinks, with sugar and sugar free. Both types of beverage softened and harmed tooth enamel. The candies were so acidic that they also caused damage to the teeth. Your Libertyville, IL dental team recommends that you switch to water and other non-sweetened beverages to quench your thirst. For snacks, stick to natural foods like fruits and nuts. Remember that fruits also have natural sugars (though in more healthy amounts!) and try to brush your teeth or drink water to flush out food after every meal. Feel free to request an appointment your Libertyville dental team for your bi-annual cleanings to keep your enamel and oral health at top quality.

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