If you don’t brush your tongue, there are some good reasons to start. It’s as easy as adding it to your oral hygiene routine. Why brush your teeth? Brushing the tongue helps to remove the build-up of plaque and ensure good oral health. By reducing the bacteria living in your tongue, you lower the risk of bad breath and gum disease. Below are some expert tips from Attar Dental.

Benefits of brushing your tongue

Harmful bacteria breed and accumulate on the tongue’s rough surface. Without proper intervention, the microorganisms could result in serious oral health problems. Physical cleaning of the tongue through brushing helps to eliminate the layer of microorganisms that form a film on the surface. Failure to remove harmful bacteria could lead to bad breath. It can also contribute to the development of cavities.

Common causes of bad breath

Apart from bacteria, some of the other causes of bad breath include oral diseases, a dry mouth, other health problems, and specific foods and beverages. An experienced Libertyville, IL dentist can help determine the exact cause and take remedial action. Brushing your tongue can be one way of reducing bad breath. If you do brush your tongue but just can’t beat bad breath, there may be another underlying cause. You need to see your dentist for an examination to see if a more serious problem is causing it. 

How to brush your tongue

You should brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. Gently scrub the surface back and forth then rinse with water. In addition, Dr. Ala Dean Attar recommends regular visits to a qualified dentist.

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