There’s no questioning the power of a radiant smile. A white healthy smile can help you feel confident when meeting new people or when interviewing for that dream job. However, over time, aging and lifestyle can tarnish the look of our pearly whites. Fortunately, a professional tooth whitening procedure can safely and effectively restore your sparkling smile.

Is it Costly?

It may seem as if professional tooth whitening would be a costly procedure. However, nothing could be further from the truth: this procedure can be achieved in about an hour at a dental practice, or even at home with a customized kit. It’s cost-effective procedure because you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to results.

Safety and Convenience of Professional Tooth Whitening

You may ask, “Why should I have professional tooth whitening when I can buy an OTC kit?” The answer is simple. OTC whitening kits will not deliver the results that professional tooth whitening will. In addition, an OTC kit can be irritating to your teeth and gums, due to uneven applications of whitening gel. Dr. Attar and our dental team take pride in providing the most effective professional tooth whitening services for our patients.

Home Use vs. Office Visit

It’s easy to come to our office to have your teeth whitened in about an hour, or opt for a customized kit for home use. The custom kit is designed to fit the your teeth, and ensures optimal results within a few weeks of treatments.

A white smile can boost your confidence in social situations, which is why our Libertyville dental team stands behind our professional tooth whitening services. We always put the health and safety of our patients first. Make an appointment today to restore a beautiful bright smile.

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