Opioid Abuse: Lives Lost in 2016

The ADA has stated that approximately 42,000 people passed away in 2016 from opioid abuse. This is the highest number of people having fallen victim to opioid overdose for a long time, marking a tragic height in our current epidemic. Because dentistry has a particular use for opiates, being the profession that tends to prescribe opiate painkillers for acute pain rather frequently, the ADA has been working diligently, offering numerous forms of continuing education to dentists on preventing opioid abuse, balancing the need for pain management with finding solutions, prescribing to statewide and CDC recommendations for opioid prescriptions, and recognizing and supporting patients that exhibit signs of dependency to get them to timely treatment. Today, they continue with full fervency.

Making Change with Dr. Ala Dean Attar

Attar Dental, the top-choice Libertyville, IL dental team for many, always strives to make overall health a primary achievement for anyone of any age, and this does not stop when it comes to opioid-abuse prevention. We applaud the ADA for making these resources available and hope to use them to better the resiliency of our community in the face of this crisis. Our organized team will go to the root of any dental inquiry and find the most useful solution available while also making all patients feel right at home. We make a commitment to do what we can to educate patients on proper medication use and to employ preventative measures whenever possible. Don’t hesitate to call us today if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.

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