Do you take care of your teeth? Do you realize just how important it is for you to treat them right and always care for them? All too often, our teeth get pushed to the wayside when we are busy – which is evident with new survey evidence that has come out. Studies say that more than thirty percent of America’s population don’t even brush their teeth twice each day. Now, twice a day simply means brushing when you get up and then again before bed, not too difficult, but there are many who don’t even brush that often.

It has been found that over twenty percent of Americans have – in the past year – gone two or more days without brushing. This is disturbing. It is said that younger adults and African-Americans spend more time brushing than the general population.

Flossing is another important consideration, and it could use improvement, as well. Six out of ten adults in America do not have the habit of flossing every day, and two out of ten don’t floss at all. This is disappointing, considering the fact that flossing has been linked to good oral health, overall.

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