The American National Standards Institute has approved a new standard for external tooth bleaching products. Developed by the American Dental Association, the new standard spells out the requirements for these products and establishes test methods for the industry to use.

The new standards were developed by an ADA committee made up of dental professionals, researchers, manufacturers, and other experts. The American Standards Institute requires that new dental standards be developed by the ADA.

Standards are necessary to ensure the profession and the public that the bleaching products they are using on their teeth are safe, said Clifton Carey, PhD, who is a member of the committee that produced the standard. According to Carey, the goal is to establish evidence-based standards that will ensure that ADA-approved teeth whitening products are safe and effective.

In order to earn the ADA seal, manufacturers of teeth whitening products must submit safety data that meets the guidelines of the new standard. They must also submit evidence that their products work as promised.


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