Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman. There are many physical changes taking place during this special period. But pregnancy brings about hormonal changes as well as an increase in blood flow throughout the body, which often results in the development of pregnancy gingivitis, the result of the gums swelling and bleeding more easily. Dr. Ala Dean Attar of Attar Dental understands that these changes can be quite uncomfortable and is here to help.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Gingivitis and Solutions

Pregnancy gingivitis can produce other symptoms besides swollen bleeding gums. Often the teeth become loose and chewing is painful. Some women can get relief from the pain and sensitivity by gargling with warm water and sea salt. The teeth can also be strengthened by supplementing with calcium and vitamin A and D because these vitamins build bone strength. However, these are extra measures that can be taken in addition to brushing and gentle flossing. The Libertyville, IL dental team understands that sometimes even these measures aren’t quite enough and more may be required. Prescription antibiotics or a gargle may be needed to resolve this problem and keep it from progressing. If you need help, don’t hesitate: make an appointment as soon as you need to and our Attar Dental team will get you the care you need.

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