People often associate symptoms such as fever, pain or a runny nose with teething. There is however no scientific evidence directly linking those symptoms to that process. If your child has a runny nose consider checking for a common cold, flu, or an allergic reaction.

Common teething symptoms

Confirmed symptoms of incoming baby teeth include drooling, an increased desire to chew on things, and mild gum pain. Dr. Ala Dean Attar knows that being aware of the symptoms could help you ease the baby’s pain and discomfort. Besides, it makes it easier to deal with future baby teeth.

What to do when your baby is teething

For starters, keep the house clean as the baby will be tempted to chew on many items. It may help to get a cold teething ring or some numbing gel if your baby is experiencing a lot of discomfort. You can also get in touch with Attar Dental, your Libertyville, IL dental team, for more information about children’s dental health.

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