Most of us have been taught that a happy mouth is a healthy mouth. This simple truth applies to total body health as well. Properly caring for your teeth and gums can keep away cavities and a whole host of other oral issues, but many people don’t realize that good oral health can not only protect your teeth and gums but other parts of your body as well. Attar Dental is committed to teaching patients about the holistic benefits of practicing good oral health.

The Truth About Good Oral Hygiene

Dr. Ala Dean Attar values educating his patients on the many benefits of properly and consistently caring for teeth and gums. Failure to practice good oral health can lead to disorders like periodontal disease. This is not only bad news for your teeth and gums but possibly other parts of your body as well. Pathogenic bacteria present in periodontal disease has the ability to spread to other parts of the body. According to recent research, this may potentially facilitate the development of other diseases of the body, like cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is why practicing good oral hygiene is a big part of prevention and seeing your Libertyille, IL dentist regularly makes early diagnosis possible if there is a problem.

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