Flossing is only one an example of the numerous techniques that exist for cleaning in between your teeth. Other devices include wood and plastic picks, interdental brushes and oral irrigation devices.

According to Dr. Ala Dean Attar, flossing tends to be used as a synonym of inter-dental cleaners in the popular mind: it’s not your only option in keeping the space between your teeth clean. For instance, CNN reported that a 32.4 percent of Americans aren’t flossing. It should not be lost that the aforementioned statistics are startling. Dental practitioners have a duty to educate on the benefits and the risk of failure of inter-dental cleaning among their patients.

Why Floss?

Though regular brushing your teeth help prevent plaque build-up, there are certain areas in your teeth considered hard to reach sites. Unfortunately, no amount of brushing technique is adequate to address the plaque build-up at this sites.

The hard to reach areas such as the interspaces between your teeth, as well as the teeth base of your gum line, are the preferred spot for tooth decay-causing bacteria.

Your Libertyville, IL dentist recommends daily interdental cleaning to reduces cases of periodontal diseases. You may always ask questions to learn more when you come into an appointment at Attar Dental practice.

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