Subtle changes in your body as well as lifestyle habits you have can affect the shape, structure, and health of your teeth. In your routine cleaning and examination, Dr. Attar looks for these changes to let you know if your habits are adversely affecting your health, or if you show early warning signs of any diseases. For instance:

  1. Soda and sugar ingestion – Dr. Attar recognizes the effects of soda and other sugary products weakening your tooth structure. For patients who have very high sugar ingestion, the chances of chipping a tooth are very high.
  2. Alcoholism – Our Attar Smiles team can also recognize that the heavy use of alcohol leads to dry mouth. Since saliva is very important in neutralizing the acidic components in the mouth, patients with very dry mouths have higher chances of experiencing cavities.
  3. Eating Disorder – Dr. Attar says that for patients with eating disorders, their teeth tend to wear out in a certain pattern.

There are many other early warning signs of heart disease, diabetes, oral cancer, and other disorders that Dr. Attar and his Libertyville team are highly skilled at spotting during your visits. If you haven’t scheduled your next cleaning, do it today- for better oral AND overall physical health!

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