Smoking is one habit that causes people to see a dentist more often than non-smokers. Smoking causes tartar and plaque to build up and discolored teeth, so smokers might want to see a dentist regularly for teeth cleanings and advise on how to keep their pearly whites healthy.

Cigarette users should schedule, at a minimum, a yearly appointment at the dental office. Smoking can cause gum disease that leads to tooth loss, and over time, some smokers lose their sense of taste and smell. A dental check-up lets the dentist check your mouth as well as your teeth, to catch signs of disease and oral cancer during their regular examination.

Nicotine is quite addictive, which makes it difficult to kick the smoking habit. Nicotine patches or gum can help you stop smoking, but it’s a good idea to discuss options with Dr. Attar or your medical doctor when you decide to quit. There are prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that can greatly reduce nicotine withdrawal and make it easier to put cigarettes down for good.

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