Who doesn’t want a great head-turning smile? Most of us do. A bright straight smile is a definite confidence booster. It has the ability to allow us to feel more comfortable in social situations and is an outward sign of good oral health. However, it is not uncommon to struggle with decayed or missing teeth and gaps. Dr. Ala Dean Attar of Attar Dental is well aware of these challenges and wants to help patients attain the smile they deserve.

The Truth About Missing and Decayed Teeth, and Gaps

In addition to being embarrassing, missing teeth, gaps, and other unsightly issues can also be unhealthy. Missing teeth disrupt the integrity of the bones in your mouth, resulting in bone loss and a more aged appearance. This often manifests itself in the form of wrinkled lips and mouth and unbalanced jawline. Unfortunately, dentures and bridges do little to deter these issues. This is why the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental implants as a solution for the restoration of bone loss as well as missing and decaying teeth and gaps.

The Answer

Your Libertyville, IL dental team understands the power that dental implants can have on oral health in their ability to restore a smile instantly and prevent further bone loss. A dental implant is an artificial tooth or teeth attached to a titanium post. Titanium is a bio-compatible material which helps stimulate bone growth by fusing with the jawbone. This is one of the many reasons why dental implants are a preferred solution for many smile issues. Trust the restoration of your smile to the best. Give us a call!

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