Crowns are fixed prosthetic devices used to strengthen the structure of the teeth. The crowns are the most efficient way to replace dentition impaired by trauma, genetics or rampant caries. The procedure is also implemented if the following conditions are present.

• Severe staining which cannot be rectified with composite, veneers or bleaching.
• Single tooth implants.
• Teeth treated with root canal therapy or crown lengthening.


The procedure of crown placement begins with a complete evaluation of the patient’s medical history, full set of radiographs and preliminary impressions. If it is established that the patient would benefit from the procedure, a prophylactic cleaning will follow to ensure positive oral flora. The patient is scheduled for subsequent visits to complete the treatment. As the crown placement requires reduction of the tooth structure, the temporary acrylic crowns are implemented in between the appointments to alleviate any sensitivity, overgrowth of the surrounding tissue and migration of the adjacent teeth. A fabricated crown is cemented with appropriate cement material, and it perfectly mimics the patient’s natural dental anatomy and color of the enamel.

After the placement of the crown, the patient is provided with instructions about daily care. To ensure many years of beneficial use, good oral health should be maintained by frequent brushing, flossing and rinsing with recommended solutions. The patient is counseled about proper nutritional routines and oral habits. If the patient exhibits signs of bruxism (tooth grinding), a mouth guard may be fabricated to alleviate the possibility of fracturing the crown. If a patient is not a good candidate for a crown, other methods of tooth replacement are available.

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