Your Libertyville, IL dental team would like you to know that almost all adults will be forced to deal with dental cavities at least once in their lifetimes, and that cavities are very preventable if you really make an effort to avoid them.

What exactly are cavities?

According to Dr. Ala Dean Attar of Attar Dental, a cavity is a tiny hole that forms on your teeth, as a result of acids eating away at the outer layer of your teeth, known as the enamel. Those acids get into your mouth from the foods that you eat, and the natural breaking down of food into small particles. When any of those particles become trapped in your teeth, they can be broken down into acids, which then directly contribute to oral bacteria and plaque on your teeth.

Defending against plaque

Since plaque is the primary cause of cavities, it makes sense to remove plaque from the mouth as much as possible. This can be done by regular flossing, brushing, and mouth rinsing. Your Libertyville, IL dentist also recommends that you schedule dental appointments every six months, so any oral issues can be discovered in their earliest stages and halted, before they develop into problems.

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