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Combating Oral Thrush with Good Hygiene

Going, Going, Gone

“Going, going, gone,” are words that no one wants to hear regarding dental health that could have been salvaged if only proper and timely dental care had been received? The most obvious way dental health can suffer without adequate dental visits is tooth loss. No one...

Teeth Cleaning When Pregnant

There are many things that a pregnant woman has to do before her baby arrives. Women have to attend many doctor’s appointments, deal with cravings and prepare the nursery. You will also have to get your teeth cleaned while you are pregnant. Pregnant women are...

Dental care is more than brushing your teeth

Proper care of Your Toothbrush Almost as important as caring for your teeth by brushing them is caring for your toothbrush itself. It is recommended to buy and replace your toothbrush about every three months, more often if the brush part starts deteriorating. There...
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