The American Dental Association has recently provided five reasons why fluoride in the nation’s water supply is good for communities. These reasons are:

1. Prevention of tooth decay. A simple and effective way to prevent tooth decay, which is one of the most common diseases in childhood, is fluoride in water. Children in communities with water fluoridation are less likely to need dental surgery due to tooth decay.

2. Helps prevent cavities at all ages. Various studies have shown that fluoride in public water systems results in a reduction of tooth decay by over 25 percent in children and adults.

3. Fluoride in water is safe. The top scientific studies done in the past 70 years all show that community water fluoridation doesn’t cause any health and safety hazards.

4. Helps save money. If rates of dental disease in a community are high, taxes and health insurance premiums go up.

5. Fluoride is natural. Both the oceans and groundwater already contain fluoride. Water fluoridation simply consists of adjusting the levels so that it can be more effective at fighting tooth decay.

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