Most dentists believe there would be no sugary treats in a perfect world. But tell that to your children on Halloween! So here are a few recommendations from Attar Dental that will allow your children to enjoy the holiday while protecting their teeth throughout the next few weeks full of candy!

1. Divide candy into portions

Split the sweets into three equal portions. One portion can be eaten immediately, another part to be eaten later, and the third portion is to be donated or discarded.

This will help determine how the sweets are controlled and prevent them from being eaten all the time. Constant exposure to cavity-causing acids may speed up tooth decay and cause cavities to develop more rapidly.

2. Avoid sticky candy

Gummy bears, sour patches, and tootsie rolls are sticky sweets that stay on teeth for longer and attract acid-producing bacteria, which may lead to cavities. Keeping the sticky candy away from your teeth makes you less likely to develop cavities.

3. Finish the hard candy quickly

Although we suggest avoiding hard candies altogether, if your child does consume them, ensure they don’t suck on the candy or keep it in their mouth for an extended period. Lollipops are one of the most sugar-intensive and calorie-dense sweets available. Prolonged exposure to acids in the mouth can cause tooth decay and multiple cavities.

4. Chocolate is the best option

Chocolate is the best option available. Unlike hard candy, chocolate doesn’t hurt your teeth when you chew it. And, also unlike sticky candy, it won’t get stuck in your teeth. If there is any candy that is good for our teeth, it is chocolate. Keep the chocolate treats, and enjoy them with your kids!

5. Brush right away, and remember to floss

It’s important to remind your kids to brush their teeth every time they eat candy, or even better- only allow them to have candy after meals. Set a good example for them by brushing their teeth after meals and before bed.

Bacteria that cause cavities can spread from tooth to tooth, like an infection. To stop this, you must floss between your teeth and brush thoroughly to remove any debris that promotes bacteria. Brushing and flossing are essential!

As a bonus tip, make it enjoyable and try out your trick or treater to see if they can floss while dancing the floss dance!

6. Participate in a candy Buy-Back Program

For Halloween, several schools and dental clinics have candy buy-back systems; this year is no exception. Encourage your youngster to give up the sweets and make money by selling them.

7. Encourage regular check-ups at the dentist

There’s no substitute for a specialist looking at your kids’ teeth to guarantee they don’t develop cavities, regardless of the holiday. Regular checkups help remove cavity-causing plaque and prevent more cavities from forming. In some circumstances, it is possible to prevent little cavities from developing into big ones.

Halloween may be a fun holiday, but it’s also an excellent reminder to take care of your teeth! Make sure you keep up with dental checkups and plaque control so you can have a healthy smile all year.

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